The House Recommends: Mammothfest '18

This year’s Mammothfest plays host to a deluge of talent over a span of just 3 days. With so much going on over the weekend it's easy to miss something truly special, so below we have hand-curated 5 acts currently tearing up the underground. We believe you cannot afford to miss them. Go watch them all, and then come back and thank us.

5. Agrona (Sunday, Green Door Store) Triumphant victors of the Wales Mammothfest Best Band heats, Agrona bring a “more is more” approach to black metal. Their densely layered compositions showcase the genre at its most grandiose and soaring, as their debut full-length Realm Of The Fallen will attest. Fans of Norwegian splendour, take heed!

4. Embodiment (Saturday, The Hub) Bath/Bristol-based Melodic Death Metallers Embodiment combine classic sensibilities with flourishes of technicality, a skill they’ve taken to new heights on their new single Dragged Into Hell. A band that manages to bring in a diverse range of influences but still keep it cohesive and unique. Also ‘The Beast’ just might be the best riff you’ll hear all weekend.

3. Heriot (Sunday, Green Door Store) The winners of the South West Mammothfest Best Band heats, Swindon’s Heriot provide a solid wall of riffs and menace. If you like your Hardcore bleak, unrelenting and monolithic then ready your carcass, and if you think yourself strong enough then track down World Collapse immediately.

2. Recall The Remains (Sunday, Green Door Store)

Another Mammothfest Best Bands success story, Recall The Remains seriously impressed with their theatrical set at the Wolverhampton final. Their young age belies a knack for both riff-writing and performance that many much more seasoned bands would do well to learn for. Go and catch a star in the ascendant.

1. Sodomized Cadaver (Saturday, The Arch) Smashing skulls since 2013, what South Wales’ Sodomized Cadaver lack in subtlety they more than make up for in some seriously filthy old school riffs and a lyrical platter of splatter. Reinvigorated by a 2017 line-up change, and riding high on the release of Verses Of Vorarephilia, Sodomized Cadaver will tear your face off. Be there for it.

As you can see, it will be a seething hive of talent and torment. But feel like we missed something? Your favourite blastbeat-dealers absent from our radar? Tell us about it!

Limited tickets remain for Mammothfest 2018, but there is still hope. Head to now, before your luck runs out.

And be sure not to miss us at The Arch, 13;45 on Saturday. We'll see you from the pulpit.