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Brutality. Refined.


   For ASCARIS, this is more than just an empty maxim. It is a statement of intent, and the foundation upon which their unique style of Extreme Metal is built. Uncompromising in both vision and vitriol, only the finest will suffice for this UK trio.

Born in 2012 out of a chance meeting between friends, and informed by a shared love of Death Metal's intricate fury and Black Metal's occult grandeur, the band have quickly risen through the ranks of the UK's burgeoning underground Extreme Metal scene. 2014 saw them release their debut EP, 'Initiation', and embark on a nationwide tour in support of French alchemists SVART CROWN and Swedish maestros DIABOLICAL.  


   The years since have seen them continue on their upward trajectory, embarking on smaller touring campaigns with CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and SCORDATURA, carving their name through both their elegant aesthetic and visceral live performances, and honing to a razor edge their virulent style of Blackened Death Metal.

The group offer up a punishing blend of styles, from scathing technicality through Black Metal grandeur and on into pure, heaving Death, their gentlemanly attire belying a furious musical assault. Occult themes intermingle with tracts of judgment and disdain, while frantic riffs swirl and relentless blastbeats thunder. Encompassing at once atmospheres of ancient ritual and modern aggression, the sound of ASCARIS is a monument to enlightenment through extremity.


   Currently hard art work putting the final touches on their eagerly-anticipated first full-length release, ASCARIS' goals for 2018 and onward are simple; to spread their vision far and wide, and to convert more eager souls to their cause.

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